Sweet! Your Noonlight account is all set up

Sweet! Your Noonlight account is all set up

The only thing keeping you from entering that next date with complete confidence is downloading the Noonlight app.
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Quick and easy access if things get wierd

Don't play the game of 20 questions in an emergency. When a Noonlight alarm is triggered, we share vital data from your connected devices with first responders.

Powerful data

Provide Noonlight the details... Don't worry we don't tell anyone... Except for in the unlikely event that things get weird. Don't play the game of 20 questions in an emergency. When a Noonlight alarm is triggered, we share vital data from your connected devices with first responders.

Advanced location sharing

No robots here! Our certified dispatchers are the real deal. They'll respond quickly to your needs, and stop accidental alarms (oh, hi babies and butts!) with a smile.

What if there's a false alarm or I trigger by accident?

No problem! Immediately after an alarm is triggered, our certified (and incredibly friendly) dispatchers check in via text and phone call. To cancel, just reply with your 4-digit Noonlight PIN. We're never upset about a false alarm, because it means you're OK.

Remember, if you're unable to respond, we'll still send help.

Hi Sean, this is Karen with Noonlight. I see your SmartCam has detected suspicious motion.
Police are on their way to 4901 Boyd Drive
Crap, that's my brother. No need for police! My PIN is 6482.
No problem. I've canceled the alarm. Have a great rest of your day!

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Alexa, tell Noonlight to send help!

Get emergency help even when you can't reach your phone.

Connect Alexa
Amazon Alexa
Hi Hannah, this is Michael with Noonlight. I see you've triggered an alarm from your Alexa.
Stay calm. Police are on their way to 4332 Pine St.
I'll be here with you until they arrive.

There's heavy smoke in the living room!

Worried about missing a Nest notification? We can send help in an emergency.

Connect Nest Protect
Hi Matt, this is Donna with Noonlight. I can see your Nest Protect has detected heavy smoke in the living room.
Help is on the way to 770 Front Street, Apt #3!

"I hate showering when I'm home alone because I'm always scared someone will break in. Now I keep Alexa in the bathroom so I can trigger Noonlight if I ever need it!"

"I tried Noonlight's Google Home feature the other night, and it blew me away! They're so responsive! I'm getting this for my grandparents, too, in case of falls."

"Noonlight is amazing! With so many smart home integrations available via their service on IFTTT, it puts ADT to shame."

"Noonlight is great! It works with my Alexa and smartwatch. Now I can get rid of the mobile help around my neck. I hate it."

"I just connected my Nest Protect! We have two dogs at home and I was always worried something would happen to them if I missed the notification from Nest."

"Their reaction time is impressive! I accidentally set off a false alarm through the Noonlight app, but now at least I know they’ll really help in an emergency."

"This is honestly cheaper and more conveneint than my home alarm system. And there’s real people who talk directly to 9-1-1 for you!"

"I love that Noonlight works with Alexa since she’s my only roommate."

"Before Noonlight, the onus was on me to call for help if Canary saw something, but now they do that for me. I’m just relieved! This is the way it should be."


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